Frequently Asked Questions

Blood Work

Why do I need to have bloodwork done?
If you are seeing a cardiologist, they would like you to have a updated cardiac blood profile in order to give you a full assessment.

I have a requisition for fasting blood work. How long do I fast?
You are required to fast for 8-10 hours.

Where and when do I get this blood work done?
You can go to any laboratory that is convenient to you. Please have this done at least a week before your appointment to see the doctor.


I’ve been trying to call to ask a question about my appointment or to confirm an appointment but no one answers the phone. Do you have a direct telephone line?
Unfortunately, due to the high volume of calls, we only have a voicemail line. Please leave us a voice message and include your name, telephone number to reach you and a brief message with your inquiry or to confirm your appointment.

Why do I need to change into a gown upon my visit?
Couple of reasons, one is that if you are returning for a follow-up appointment, we may need you to complete an ECG prior to seeing the doctor. Second, if you are a new patient, some of our doctors require their patients in gowns so they may check for vitals.

I need a refill on my prescription. Where and how do I get this?
We do not do prescription repeats. Please contact your family physician for this.

How long will my appointment for a test take?
Depending on what test you are having done that day your appointment time will vary.

Why do I have so many appointments booked for me?
You will typically have two appointment dates, one for pre-testing and your consultation to follow. These are separate so that the results are available for your consultation appointment.

How long does it take for the results to get to my Family Doctor?
From when your tests are completed results will take approximately one week to be sent to your family physician. All test results will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment. If no consultation has been requested please follow up with your family physician.

Can I get a copy of this my reports? Can you email me a copy of my reports?
Due to the sensitive nature of reports we do not email them to anyone. This is based on the Privacy Act. You can come directly to our office during office hours and pick up a copy. There is a fee for these reports. Please note that our clinic only accepts cash or cheque so please have payment ready when you come to pick them up.


I have a referral with me/ my family doctor just sent a referral for me to your office. When can I get an appointment?
If you are referred for a test only (i.e holter monitoring, 24h ABP monitoring, Stress tests, echocardiography) you can send the referral to us via fax at 647-260-0279 or email at You can also come into our office during office hours and drop it off to us. We will be able to book you in for these right away.

If you are referred for a cardiology consultation with a doctor after your referral is sent to us, it needs to be triaged and processed by our Referrals Team. Due to high volume of referrals sent to our office this process will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks. If you have not received an appointment by then, you can call your family doctor to follow up with us.

What if I do not have a family doctor to get a referral?
A referral from a walk-in clinic is acceptable.


I have a holter monitor and I am experiencing irritation/rashes. What do I do?
Unfortunately, irritation and rashes are common symptoms among our patients. Please come by the office anytime during office hours to pickup hypoallergenic electrodes if you do not have them already. Please return the unused electrodes. Speak to your pharmacists for topical treatment.

I have a blood pressure monitor and the cuff is not pumping. What do I do?
Inspect the connection tube attached to the cuff. If it is not attached please re-attach the tube to the cuff. The problem could be that the cuff is not sitting correctly on your arm. Make sure that it is in the original position when it was hooked up at the office and that you are still when the monitor inflates.

I have a monitor but I cannot come to the clinic on the scheduled date of return. How do I get the monitor back to your office?
It is your responsibility to arrange a means of getting the monitor back to us on time.

My GP referred me for a 24/48 hour holter monitor. Why am I scheduled for a 14 day monitor? Do I need this?
A 14 day holter monitor is the best diagnostic tool for palpitations that are not experienced daily.